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Melde Construction Keeps Projects On-Time Using RenoRun

Business Name: MELDE Construction

In Business Since: 1980

Specialties: Residential Building

RenoRun Customer Since: 2019

Uses RenoRun: On every job

Meet Kellen Hood of Melde Construction in Austin, Texas. Before RenoRun he often found himself scrambling to find a crew member to go off-site and buy materials or he would end up doing the run himself. The constant interruption was a hassle and often slowed projects down. He decided to give RenoRun a try on a day where he needed to be in two places at once. He made the call to RenoRun to deliver materials while he met with the city inspector, and the team kept the project flowing onsite.

Since he started using RenoRun, Kellen saves 5 hours per week, and projects run more seamlessly and with greater fluidity, meaning his team can deliver on time to their clients. This is on top of being able to avoid traffic and store lineups. Kellen is also enjoying being a RenoRun PRO member. He says, “It gives me ease-of-mind, the ability to stay fluid on a job site, so a PRO membership I would highly recommend to everyone.”

Melde Construction takes pride in working with like-minded sub-contractors and partners to build the unique spaces they create. We’re ecstatic to be one of the partners they trust because we really like them too. Melde Construction is a hardworking, honest and reliable team that does amazing projects.

Follow Melde Construction on Instagram @melde_construction and Kellen @thehoodanthem.

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