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Inside Out Remodeling and Construction Working Smarter and More Efficiently Everyday with RenoRun

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Business Name: Inside Out Remodeling

In Business Since: 2018

Specialties: Home Remodeling

RenoRun Customer Since: 2018

Uses RenoRun: On every job

Shawn Nikah comes from many generations of entrepreneurs, business runs in his blood, but it wasn’t always in construction. He started in real estate, before discovering a talent for flipping houses. It was through flipping houses that Shawn realized he could manage his own renovation projects for less money and a better result. Inside Out Remodeling was born.

On one particular renovation, Shawn was making a routine trip to the hardware store when he spotted a RenoRun truck. Curious, he had to ask one of our drivers what RenoRun was. He understood the value right away. He explains “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought that material runs are a waste of time and money. RenoRun’s math just makes sense! Top that with the excellent service, RenoRun has become an integral part of my workday.”

What makes Inside Out Remodeling and Construction so successful is Shawn’s unwavering focus on building beautiful spaces that his customers love and draw inspiration from. We love being part of Shawn’s mission because, like RenoRun, he wants his builders to be smarter and work better every day. He says, “building spaces that are sustainable and smart is why we do what we do! RenoRun helps us be more efficient so we can do just that.”

You can catch more of Shawn’s work with RenoRun in the interview he did with us for CBS Austin.

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