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Hammersmith Construction Saving 20 Hours Per Week with RenoRun PRO

Business Name: Hammersmith Construction

In Business Since: 2016

Specialties: Home Remodeling & Landscaping

RenoRun Customer Since: 2019

Uses RenoRun: On every job

Scott Sledge has been operating Hammersmith Construction out of Austin, Texas for the last two years, but has been contracting in the area for the last ten. He remembers the first time he used RenoRun was because the crew needed a pack of nails to finish a job. Before using RenoRun Scott spent a big part of his days moving materials. He explains “we’ve got an extra 15-20 hours a week for bookkeeping and things that matter instead of running around getting packs of nails.”

Since then he’s ramped up his usage of our services and order frequency to almost daily. He’s switched to the PRO membership and loves the value it brings to him. He says that they end up spending the same amount of money as they would have if they had gone to get the materials themselves, so it’s like getting the materials on-site for free. All of this combined means Scott can make better use of his time. He explains “I’m super ecstatic about RenoRun PRO! The best use of my time and energy is spent on bids or managing my sites, not picking up 2x4s.”

Scott says RenoRun is now a huge part of their workflow, and we’re grateful to be. We love working with Scott’s entire team, they’re just good people. Hammersmith specializes in high-quality remodelling projects from interiors to exteriors, even landscaping, and they don’t disappoint. Their customers have rave reviews about their work.

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