About us

The RenoRun crew knows building and construction. With over 100 employees from construction, software, operations, R&D and more, we’re a growing team of highly-skilled and specialized talent. We make projects easier for builders by sourcing and delivering materials for them, and we're leveraging data and technology to do it.

Enabling construction and renovation professionals to build the world around us using technology.

We’re obsessed with keeping builders on the jobsite so they can save money and work faster, but we’re also obsessed with people. From our unparalleled work culture to our partnerships with construction professionals, working together is what matters.


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Meet the Management Crew

Eamonn O’Rourke


Eamonn O’Rourke is a seasoned builder and entrepreneur with 20+ years of construction experience under his tool belt. He's built houses on 3 continents, managing more than $45M in construction projects. With a world-class team, Eamonn’s new focus is reshaping the building industry with technology.


Joelle Chartrand

Head of Culture / Co-Founder

A former Chamber of Commerce DG and Construction Management Partner, Joelle Chartrand is not only a co-founder but a mentor to every department at RenoRun. From project management to fundraising, her entrepreneurial instinct with her psychological background, continues to drive the company forward.


Devlin Chartrand

Business Development Canada/Co-Founder

Passionate about renovation, Devlin Chartrand spent nearly a decade working in the industry before he co-founded RenoRun. With a focus on Canadian business development, and ninja-like customer service skills, he’s played a central role in the company’s recent and rapid expansion.


Daniel Schacter

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Shacter brings the analytical and operational rigor of two leading global firms, Deloitte and McKinsey & Co, to RenoRun. He’s well rounded having founded his own venture-backed and profitable startup, as a TechStars Startup Accelerator graduate, and with an MBA from Oxford University.

Dan Schacter

Malika Merid

Head of Customer Success

Malika has helped multiple tech startups from seed stage to acquisition, leading account and project management. She's a Techstars Accelerator graduate and has managed $2M+ in project budgets. She specializes in designing minimum viable programs to speed up user adoption and maximize retention.

Malika Merid

Christian Lavoie

VP of Technology

Christian Lavoie's career in software development and technical due diligence spans two decades, specializing in distributed algorithms, real-time data processing and large-scale storage. He's a Silicon Valley veteran and Google Alumnus, where he managed infrastructure driving $20B+ USD.

chris l

Beth Thouin

VP of Marketing

Beth is a customer-obsessed startup veteran with 15+ years of marketing experience. As a speaker and mentor Beth has worked with startups since 2011. She specializes in demand generation, with a track record of doubling inbound revenue for different industries like B2B SaaS and construction.


Andrew Riachi

Head of Sales Operations

As a former engagement manager at McKinsey & Co., Andrew has driven major sales transformations across global financial institutions and has developed cutting-edge investment and risk strategies of major pension plans . At RenoRun, he'll lead our sales and growth efforts across our cities.



We’re looking for new members for our crew.

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